Oops: Drywall Edition

This heartbreak right here is what happens when you trip a breaker by running a belt sander and a shop vac at the same time... then forget to turn the belt sander off before resetting the breaker.

Public Enemy #1
Fortunately the baseboard will cover MOST of the injury, as shown below. But still. I had literally just told S a few moments before this incident that it's a good thing we're a few days ahead of schedule, because that will give us recovery time in case something goes awry. Famous last words!

Both of us know better than to let this happen, so it was a somber moment at 3820... but I'm sure it would've been pretty entertaining for outsiders to watch us jumping around, shrieking and trying to avoid having our feet sanded off. Fortunately the wall (and our spirits) sustained the only injuries.

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