Winter Wonderland

We got our first snowfall of the season on Saturday. We had about three inches, but I wasn't home to take pictures until it had already started melting the next day. (Half-melted snow is still much prettier than the gray, soaking rain we've been getting.) I officially don't like cold weather anymore, but snow makes me feel so magical and festive that it's like a peace treaty between winter and me.

Good thing I had my sweet warm boots.


  1. Had a soul-stirring snowfall here, too. The ice glistening on the snow-laden tree branches made for a lovely drive along the Susquehanna.

    Listened to Sarah MacLachlan's "Wintersong" album on the trip-- the clarity of that voice was the perfect complement to the crisp air.

    Those sure are some fine stompers you're wearing.

  2. Oh these pictures make my haert ache for America! Looks beautiful!


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