Deals and Steals: Slightly Creepy Charcoal Drawing

I drove up to PA to visit my parents over the weekend, and per tradition we stopped by Bearly Used Furniture, one of our favorite consignment stores, to check out the latest wares. Mom bought an old enamel-topped cabinet for her laundry room, while I found this gem in the "FREE" box (frame not included):

Free! Can you believe it?

I'm guessing this charcoal drawing is from the 1950s, judging by the woman's sweet glasses and hairstyle, but it could be newer if these folks were in a style rut OR if the artist drew it from an old picture. I think the signature says "Barb," but it's hard to read. The shop owner told me that it was tucked inside a dresser that was brought in from Lewistown, PA. Maybe someone from the area can help me figure out the identity of this adorable couple!

Dad helps with the framing (while Mom makes popcorn)

S thinks it is slightly creepy, but I think that's half its charm. I mean, you're jealous you didn't find this in the FREE box at your local thrift store, aren't you? Everyone needs a thing or two in their house that makes them laugh and shake their head a little. What's yours?

In other news, the living room is thisclose to being ready for paint, so that lower wall won't be bare for too much longer. Stay tuned for updated pics later this week!


  1. Ok... not sure about that one KATIE!!!! But that is why we love you. Seeing the charm in that is quite the gift.


    On another note, I have a huge sketch that someone did of Chris and I in New York... it's not hung on a wall but it is sitting up against the wall in the office and it makes me laugh. I can't seem to put it away. I also have some weird wooden animals (giraffe, two lions and two horses) sitting on top of my china cabinet. I do not know why they are there, but again... I can't get rid of them.

  2. Are you questioning my taste, Linds? I can't wait to hear what you have to say about my vintage dentist chair when I finally bust it out. I've kind of always had a soft spot for weird things... hence, why I like you! :-)

    I want to see a picture of the sketch of you and Chris!

  3. It's on facebook in my New York picture album!! I almost kissed the man who sketched us for making me so thin and fabulous. What a gem.

    Dentist chair? I think psychologically having that in my house would make me get hives every time I walked by. I hate going to the dentist!!!

    How about this- come over to my blog soon and I will post one with all of the weird things that are in my house :) Then you can make fun of me... and it will be great!!

  4. The man in the rendering could easily pass for E.G. Marshall-- well-known actor from that era. Would be willing to bet that everyone who sees the sketch knows someone from their own lives who looks like them-- they're the everyman and everywoman from small-town USA in that time period. I look at them and remember the adults I knew as a child. Glad they ended up in the hands of someone who thinks they're special.

  5. They are not a couple, it look like they are on a JURY. You can tell this cus no one is smiling, maybe it was a cool murder trial or somthing.

  6. Ooooh! Intrigue! Maybe that's why they were in the free box?


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