Friends as Furniture, Volume II: My Brother Donnie

Yesterday was the 33rd birthday of my big bro -- from whom I learned how to endure such hardships as being shot with a bb gun, having my head stuck under the couch for long periods and having a crib mattress fall on me from the top of the attic stairs. And one time he said, "Open your mouth," as he chucked a penny across the room, and it went directly down my throat in a straight shot -- didn't even hit the hangy-ball on the way down. (I coughed out it, fortunately.) It was amazing.

I also learned some other critically important life skills, too, like how to wear crazy clothes and be considered cool and not weird and how to pray about things instead of worrying. In other words, he's a pretty neat guy and you can always expect the unexpected when he's around.

My brother is also a dedicated husband to his equally cool wife, great father of two adorable little boys, a beloved college professor and a collector of strange, fun gadgets. He's quirky, clever and subtle -- which is why I chose these two items for this installment of "Friends as Furniture."

(Above) X-ray Bunny Wall Art from UrbanOutfitters, on sale for $35. I can imagine visitors doing double takes if they saw this on the wall.

(Above) Giant plastic cup stool/container from Limiteds.com, $114. Donnie, you (or the boys) seriously need one of these, right?

These posts are so fun. I said that last time, but I really mean it. I should do this more often. You could be next!

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