Jazzing up the bedroom, country-style

I've posted before about how our bedroom has no real personality or decor whatsoever. As soon as the paint dried, we stuck our bed in there and moved onto the next project. This bedroom is only temporary for us and will eventually belong to a future offspring, but for now we feel it's time for a little sprucing up to make it more inviting.

Current situation = uninspiring

When it comes to decorating genres, "country" is not really the go-to style of our generation, but S and I are embracing it for this bedroom since we've noticed the modern furniture we have in there looks completely out of place. Fair warning: I have never done a "mood board" before... but here's my first crack at it to show you what we have in mind for inexpensive upgrades to give it a farmhouse feel.

  1. Vintage iron bed, borrowed from my parents (The sorta-similar one pictured is from Sundance.)
  2. Colorful quilt (Just $54 from Overstock!)
  3. Glass jar lamp base (Target, price not listed, probably cheap)
  4. Old writing desk (This one's super pricey on ebay, but I've seen cheaper ones in thrift stores.)
  5. White tie-up shades ($15 each at Target. NB: I don't generally like curtains, but we need some...)
  6. Wall color: Valspar's Woodlawn Valley Haze (Lowe's)
  7. Stacked crates as bedside tables ($5 per crate at local orchard)
I'm admittedly not a devotee of full-on country decor, but seeing the planned elements all together is getting me kinda excited about how it will work in this bedroom.

So, what do you all think? Is this going to look good -- or is it going to look a little "grandma"?


  1. Another great look is a crocheted tablecloth (esp. in ecru) used as overlay on solid color bedspread. Also recently found some colorful vintage chenille spreads at consignment shop.

  2. It sounds to me like you're unsure yourself! lol. But seriously, I think a cousin to "country barn" decor is lodge-Old Faithful Inn style, which is more masculine but I think it's easier in some ways to pull off and keep from looking "grandma." And would still be appropriate for your house.

  3. Love it all except the colorful quilt. Most store bought quilts look kinda cheap. I also like the idea of vintage chenille. . ..what about all country rustic but with a dash of modern in the spread. I'm attaching a link. the 6th picture down with the purple spread. not purple....just the idea. http://www.houzz.com/photos/eclectic/bedroom/start=128

  4. Thanks for the comments! It's kinda funny - so far you've all commented on the quilt, which was the thing I have been worried might be too hokey. I'm still looking for other options but haven't found THE one yet.

    There are lots I like, but it seems the more I like them, the more they cost. (Like everything, right?) Every dollar I save here will be a dollar toward filling in the hole that is the kitchen and getting that project going... And that is strong motivation to be thrifty in this case!

    Anonymous 3: I didn't see a purple spread on that page. I did however see a quilt that looked like it was from the Shabby Chic line at Target, which I also have bookmarked as an option.


  5. I think the more rustic elements in the room, along with the modern lamp will help the room be less cutesy, and more fresh. If you are unsure about the quilt you should keep looking... or perhaps you have a family member that would be willing make a simple one for you?

  6. Jenny: That was my thought process and my hope when I put this together. I was thinking all the elements could balance each other out, in a way that looks more organic than overly planned.

    I do have a lot of aunts who are very talented at sewing -- good idea! Hopefully one of them is reading this and will make an offer so I don't have to guilt one into it. :-)


Thanks for reading! I love your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. Keep 'em coming!