Log Home Tour: Mel and Jane Lane

As much as I love looking at design inspiration of all sorts, I'm always hoping for a little peek inside log homes to see how they are decorated and styled. Log home owners tend to be passionate about their homes, and I'm having a lot of fun joining online groups like LogHomeU.com and poking around forums to chat with members about why they love their homes and how they personalize them.

That's how I met Mel and Jane Lane, owners of this beautiful, rustic log house in Indiana. It was Jane's dream to live in a log home since she was 9, and she and Mel designed the house, built it and have been living in it since December 2007. It has been a work in progress for the couple, but they say they have been in "hog heaven" since moving in.

(Below) Mel and Jane, hard at work

Though the house itself is new, I love how the couple have paid attention to the details and brought lots of antique and reclaimed touches to the house. For example, their kitchen sink is just about the coolest thing ever, and Jane found it at an antique store for $40! Creating a functional and convenient yet log home-appropriate kitchen seems like a tricky task, but I think they struck a nice balance with their choices in cabinetry, hardware and appliances.

I'm also really digging the industrial looking light fixture over their dining table and how the shelves above their windows hold neat collectibles but don't add clutter to the main living space. It looks cozy, comfortable and inviting -- so many books and cups of hot chocolate could be enjoyed here!

What do they like best about their home? "It's ours," explains Mel. "We drew it, and built it... I like the custom elements we added that make it ours, e.g. reclaimed stained glass, reclaimed barn wood, reclaimed claw foot tub and kitchen sink, built-in shelves and cabinets, speakers in the ceiling and items that would cost a fortune to have done for us."

I like that about their home too -- it has thoughtful, personal elements that can't be found at the Home Depot. And the fact that they scavenged for materials and did the work themselves saved them tons of money. (We hear you here at 3820!)

Congrats to Mel and Jane on seeing their vision become a reality in their home, and thanks so much for sharing it with us!

If you know anyone who would like to have their antique or rustic log home featured here, email me at thirtyeight20@gmail.com.

All images courtesy of Mel and Jane Lane.


  1. As a fellow do-it-yourselfer can attest to the bargains-- not to mention the adventure-- that can be found in trips to antique stores and reclamation centers. Have great memories of the random finds. From what is visible through the windows, looks like they also scouted around for a fitting location. Cheers!

  2. What a nice place to kick back and relax. No offense to you Emily or to the folks who own this house, but log houses aren't exactly "in style" these days ... However I'm starting to appreciate them a lot more after seeing some of these pictures.


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