Mail Boxes, etc.

Lately I've had mail boxes on the brain -- mostly because ours is so terribly defunct. Out here in the country, a mail box has two basic functions: 1) to receive incoming mail, and 2) to send outgoing mail through the mail carrier.

Sadly, ours sucks at both. We recently got a letter from the P.O. saying that our mail carrier has complained that our box is too low. Apparently we need to remount it before they start withholding the mail. I'm not too concerned about this though, because we continue to receive not only our own mail but also our neighbors' mail, as well as the not-as-occasional-as-you'd-think letter addressed to people in faraway places like Indiana.

We can't actually send any letters from this box, either, as someone broke the flag off before we moved in. (See above.) Any time I have to mail a letter -- which is often, because I work from home -- I have to either drive to the post office or sneak it clandestinely into the neighbor's box, which I'm sure is frowned upon by the authorities and probably our neighbor too.

While a new mail box is not a priority right now, I hold onto a great vision of a tree-lined driveway -- redirected so that it leads to the front of our house instead of the back -- with this smart looking fella standing tall (er, at just the right height) at the entrance:

I'm no great letter writer, in fact I'm the worst, but I aspire to keep up with these things one day. Doesn't this look like it belongs to someone who sends and receives really nice letters? And, perhaps, someone whose house isn't covered in construction debris and tears? A girl can dream...


  1. I figured 3820 was your address. How about one of those big rural mail boxes. It may also serve as a guess room if needed.

  2. Emily Kate:

    It worked ! My very first post on a blog. I did have to hit it twice tho', but I forgot to put my name on it.


  3. Yay Mel! Glad you figured it out.

    I was looking at the big rural mail boxes too. They are a little cheaper, which is always nice. I'd get a white one. With a really sturdy flag!

  4. "construction debris and tears" -- Ha Ha! Good one.


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