A week of adventure...

It's been quite a week around here, I tell ya. Here's a little recap of what I did:
  1. Monday: Showered in brown water, because whenever we get a lot of rain that's just what happens to our water. Sounds gross (and dulls your highlights), but the minerals make your skin glow! Someday we'll get a filter thingy, but for now we deal.
  2. Tuesday: The heat stopped working, so I got through my workday by cuddling up to a space heater and wearing gloves.
  3. Wednesday: Chased a bird out of the living room. (See above, taken when he flew into the utility closet.)
  4. Thursday: Chased a bird out of the living room again, and opened a can of soup with a hammer and a chisel. (See picture.)
  5. Friday: It's still early. We'll see what the day brings.

As I was recounting these events to S last night, he started singing, "Emma, the Adventurer... Emma, warrior without fear!" -- you know, the Conan song. I think the song was actually a celebration that he wasn't the one who had to shoo the birds out of the house.

I have some really good news though -- next week is going to start off with a bang, because on Monday I'll be announcing a really neat giveaway to help spruce up your house. How excited are you? So stop back on Monday to enter, and tell you friends so they can enter too!


  1. Showering in brown water? Ewwww! I'd be checking into a hotel at that point.

  2. Well your life surely is not boring! What an adventure. Thanks for stopping by, I love my Bomber hay too!

  3. You go, girl! Penny's right about the adventure. Keep a flag and a camera ready for that moment when you get to the top of this mountain-- and remember: "That's no hill for a stepper!"


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