3,820 inches of snow

Good news, folks -- the roof is still standing, and we have maintained power, heat and water throughout all these crazy snowstorms! Your prayers were much appreciated. We ended up getting well over 3 feet. I know this because we have 3-foot sawhorses outside that are completely buried. Even my car is barely visible.

Blizzard conditions on Wednesday morning

The bad news is that S was sick for the first half of the week, and now I'm following suit and taking my turn at feeling crummy. When we're not doing work-work, we've just been chilling out, watching movies and working on the living room in small bursts when we feel up to it. Tonight we plan to suck it up and finish up the details so that we can paint this weekend!

We also got our car stuck in the snow for over an hour last night. We left my in-laws' at 10 pm and arrived back at our house, just 2 miles away, at 11:30. S's dad and sister had to come and rescue us with shovels. So yeah, there are still some pretty bad roads around here -- some completely untouched by plows as yet.

Our Icicles of Death!
I hope everyone's been safe and snuggly in all the crazy weather that's been happening all around the continent. Too much snow here, not enough in Vancouver, an earthquake in Chicago, record breaking snowfall in Dallas -- what a winter! I'm gonna go make some hot cocoa. More house progress photos coming soon!


  1. Glad your safe and sound. 36" of snow !!! That's a lot even for an 'ol Michigan-raised boy like me.
    What Earthquake in chicago??? I got-a turn on the news more often !

  2. Sorry you've been sick. I saw your response to my comment about painting - I think you should definitely paint it all white and live with it for a while! When we removed the cork in our living room we primed and left it that way for a couple of months - so fresh and clean, and we could really take our time deciding what color to go with.


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