Bird Watching

I don't know why, but birds really love our yard. Orioles, owls, peacocks, blue jays -- I've seen them all without even really looking. We don't have a bird feeder or even a single flower that a bird might be interested in, but still they come.

Here are some pics I snapped over the past few days. The peacocks were here on Friday morning just before the blizzard hit. They tend to hang out in front of the shed for a bit, then make their way to our scary garage. They usually come by several mornings a week, but I doubt I'll see them again until all this snow melts sometime in the next couple years... I saw the cardinal yesterday just outside my office window.

The snow is supposed to start again around noon today. We're expecting another 10-20 inches in addition to the 28 we got over the weekend. I'm quite interested in finding out where they're going to put all of it. Schools and businesses are shut down, and people are getting a little antsy -- myself included. We've already tripled our annual average, and we've got this new storm coming.

If you are the praying type, will you please pray that the roof over our kitchen won't collapse under all the snow? As I've mentioned in previous posts, we need to pour some foundation under that section because there really isn't one to speak of... so right now it is being held up by stilts and blind faith. Also, losing power would be a major buzzkill, so while you're at it please pray for that too. Believe it or not, my sanity does have its limits.

This winter thing... it's for the birds. (GONG!)


  1. It sounds like you need a vacation. Somewhere out West, perhaps? :)

  2. Hope you survive this storm. We were without power for a couple of days but got it back Sunday night. This morning we were without water for a few hours. We are supposed to get that storm too. I'm with you this snow is for the birds (although they don't like it either). I will pray that the snow isn't too much for your roof. Let us know what happens.

  3. Dee - S spends a lot of free time hunting for good flights to some of the top spots on our travel wish list. And guess whose town is among them? Woohoo! We'd love to pay you a visit. Is it still unseasonably cold out there?

    CE - Thanks for your kind words! I know all too well the sorrows of losing water/heat/power, so I hope this new storm won't knock anything out for you! Also I checked out your blog, and I will definitely be coming back for some gardening ideas and inspiration. Stay safe and warm!

  4. Woohoo is right! We'd love to have you guys out! But, you are correct... I swear it has been raining every single day for the last two months. I know... shut up, right? Ha ha. It always hits the mid-80's by the end of March, though. Maybe a Spring Break is what you guys need!


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