Checkin In

So this week has turned out to be extremely crazy, and I'm going to be a little light on posts this week... many apologies! Basically, our pipes froze over the weekend, S and I both have major work stuff happening and we're trying to find time to work on important projects around here. To be honest I've been feeling stressed out and cranky in a major way... and while blogging helps, I am sorely lacking time to put together good content this week.

Also I checked my analytics last night, and lots of people have visited the blog this week... but only about a tenth of you signed up for the giveaway. Is that remaining 90% off their rockers? It's a free item that you can either keep for yourself, or give as a gift if it's not your style. Don't be shy! Be greedy!

So seriously... if you haven't already, leave a comment on the giveaway post to sign up! Click here to jump to the post.

I also think you should tell some friends about it so we can drum up a little support around here. Normally I'd do some more self-promotion to spread the word, but again -- I got major stressy feelings and no time! So you can do it for me, okay? ♥

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  1. Wow I love the house you guys bought. What a project! I will definitely enter the giveaway!


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