Deals and Steals: Vintage Manicure Table

Over the course of several months and several trips to see my parents in Pennsylvania, I admired this table during at least half a dozen visits to Bearly Used Furniture -- the same little consignment shop where I found that awesome, slightly creepy charcoal drawing. Though the table was listed at $25, I didn't cave for the longest time because the legs seemed a little impractical.

Several weeks ago though, I was just sitting here thinking about furniture (like I do every now and then) and decided that I absolutely MUST have it and that we could use it a hundred ways. (Vanity table? Writing desk? Foyer catch-all?) So I called my mom, who is probably the store's most loyal customer, and she made it happen. Obviously it was still there because it was meant to be. And because I have weird taste.

My dad thoughtfully refinished the top, which is quite swirly and beautiful (see it closer here), and he scraped a bit of rust off the legs and sprayed on a new "chrome" finish. It looks fantastic. It basically serves as our kitchen right now, but I set the toaster oven aside for these photos to make things a little more dignified.

I love it! Thanks mom and dad for making this little dream come true! I've been told that it's a vintage manicure table, but I haven't been able to find its likeness on the internet to confirm it. The drawer opens from both sides. There aren't any markings or labels. Anyone know know anything about it?

And here's a fun question: Do you have any beloved items in your house that you second-guessed for the longest time before taking the plunge?


  1. Great Table, I do that with furniture all the time.

    Great Post!
    Dani-Elle from,

  2. I can see why people might overlook it in a store but it looks so cute and fitting in your home. You really could use it lots of different ways. I also love your wall color. Do you mind sharing what it is?

  3. Thanks JB! The wall color is Valspar's "Woodlawn Valley Haze" from Lowe's. It's part of their "Historic Preservation" collection, which is of higher quality than the regular line. It went on in one coat. (We touched up some places with a second coat, but the coverage was awesome.) Warning though: it's a bit bolder than it appears in pictures.

  4. That is definitely a good table. No wonder you wanted it so bad. I would've gotten it had I seen it first.

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