Dream Master Suite and Mood Board

I've been focused so completely on the living room lately that I'm starting to get bored and restless, and I imagine you are too. So let's switch gears for a second and drool over some bedroom inspiration photos. It doesn't hurt to plan ahead...

These inspirational rooms are from two different houses, so they don't go together perfectly... but overall they best represent what I have in mind for our master suite. (Click here to see what it currently looks like!)

I can't locate the source... sorry!
These simple rooms energize me -- I love the thought of waking up in a clean and spacious room -- and they align well with our house's style and architecture.
  • Our master suite has open cathedral ceilings that we plan to panel and paint white.
  • I love the white canopy bed and lack of clutter in the bedroom. (S is very anti-clutter, so this is important.)
  • As for the bathroom, I am getting weary of white subway tile, but that darker variation in the shower is hits just the right note. Anyone know of a good source?
How we would adapt these rooms in our own house:
  • Our bedroom will have two white paneled walls but also two exposed log walls, amping up the rustic factor.
  • Our bathroom is pretty big, so it will probably have a tub (cast iron, hopefully) and a double vanity.
  • We would go a little more industrial with some of the fixtures. (See our ideas on the mood board below.)

Right now our master suite is serving as a storage unit for the majority of our stuff. Someday, when the living room is finished and everything is cleared out, we can start making this little dream a reality. We want to keep things simple and practical, so I don't think it will be very hard to achieve what we're going for. This and the kitchen are what I'm most excited to get cracking on.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?


Mood Board Sources: 1. Shelves as nightstands: Image via AT (I'd make my own). 2. Bedside sconces: currently $150 each, Pottery Barn. 3. English Shaker Poster Bed, $950 from the Amish Outlet Store. (You could buy it unfinished and paint it yourself.) 4. Sink: $2,800 at Restoration Hardware, though S wants to make one out of pipes to save money and give it a more industrial look. 5. Galvanized Metal Row of Hooks, $29 at Pottery Barn.


  1. I agree with you about white subway tile. I think it's kind of boring, personally. That said, I'm not crazy about the darker one in the pic.
    I love everything else about the pictures you posted. Simple and uncluttered, and your log walls will add a lot of character. :-)

  2. Go for it-- think live greens would add to the crisp freshness look. Only caution would be the tile; as one who detests cleaning grout, think of all of the grout you'd be cleaning with tile that size... also think you run the risk of the shower tall looking dirty in contrast to the brighter whites.

  3. Correction: shower stall.

  4. Love it! And I personally love the darker tiles. I think it gives it an antiquey look... almost as if the shower had been there since the house was first built. That's just me, though. :) But, I say go for it!

  5. I love it all. Love the sink and the shelf end tables. I really wanted end tables but my husband didn't get it. Maybe in the next house. =)

  6. We have a very similar bed made out of cherry with a natural stain so we can watch it darken over time.

    I like the off white subway tile but I think an off white wall color in the bathroom would look better than stark white. The log walls will look great with a very neutral color scheme like you have planned!

  7. Emily Kate:

    I like stuff that looks like other stuff. The tile in the picture reminds me of any number of old mental hospital treatment rooms. But that's not a bad thing with me. I tend to prefer the industrial look anyway. Lamp number two is my choice, again, because it could have been used in an indrustial setting. That whole open piping double sink thing is very clean looking. No storage, but clean. I will send you a picture of my office soon. THAT'S industrial ! Bed number 3 is just like our guess room bed.


  8. I love all this feedback on the tile. Mel! The mental institution thing is cracking me up! Wait till you see the industrial pendant lights my dad salvaged for us for our dining room. Can't wait to start on that room too and to get those lights up. Won't take much to get that room done. (I say that now...)

    Anyway I still love the old dingy look of the tile -- at least how it looks in the photo -- but I'm not sold on it yet because I haven't seen it in person. (And I don't know the price!) I found a few other tile options that I'll post in the future. Everyone, send me your ideas if you have anything you've stumbled across!

    Dee, let's stick together, k? You get me!


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