Impromptu Inspiration

I seem to have ADD this week, since my mind and blog posts are jumping from room to room. Having the living room almost done means that our other rooms will get a makever soon too, as all our stuff will be getting rearranged and redistributed. Excitingggg! (Yes, we are still on track to finish the living room painting this weekend.)

Anyway, this scarf -- a $5 Walmart splurge -- that I haphazardly threw on the chair in our bedroom gave me a little inspiration this morning. I like how the faded red and white combo looks against the wall color. I've read a hundred times that you should take home decor cues from your wardrobe, so maybe I'm onto something here.

As you may remember from this post, I have been looking for quilt/coverlet ideas for this room for awhile, and this little scarf got me thinking about how these colors could translate to bedding. Here are a couple options:

They are three very different looks, and I like the first two best. The 2nd option is rugged and authentic which I like, but the stripes may be too red to work. The first one is inexpensive and I could pair it with the unbleached coverlet that's already on the bed... and maybe some fun printed shams. Hmm... I'm getting ideas! And I'm almost to a point where I can start buying things since we'll have more space in a couple of days. House, I'm feelin good about you today!

Sources: 1. Cotton Woven Chevron Throw in Camellia, $49.50 from Lands End, 2. Wool striped blanket, $81 from MacAusland Woolen Mills (discovered via Katy Elliott), 3. Brighton Red Toile French Country Quilt Throw, $63 from Bella Home Fashions


  1. I have to say that I love these colors together! Did you also notice that your colors on your blog are the same as well?! I think that is proof that it is meant to be! After I read your post I was inspired to check different websites for decor for our next place, and I actually came across this and thought it would fit perfectly in this room with the new color scheme: http://www.pier1.com/Catalog/HomeAccentsD%C3%A9cor/HomeAccentsD%C3%A9cor/tabid/508/CategoryID/134/List/0/catpageindex/3/Level/a/ProductID/4504/Default.aspx?ProductName=Botanical-Plates-Wall-D%C3%A9cor

    You can hate it and I wouldn't be offended, but I just wanted to pass along my find. :)


  2. Lace, I dig the "plates on the wall" look in general. And even the product description is cute. Thanks for sharing! I haven't looked at Pier1 in awhile, so you inspired me to browse a bit.

    Are you guys going to sell your house or keep it as a rental? You have to send me an email about your hubby's new job and how you like your new town!

  3. What the first two having going for them over the third is introduction of a new texture. I do, however, like all three-- and because I have always had a fondness for mattress ticking patterns, I wouldn't discount use of it in that color somewhere. If you don't sew, you might be averse to cutting it down into accent pieces, but I can see it as: table runner, chair pads-- perhaps on an adirondack-- throw pillows, etc. You have a good eye.

  4. Also Lacy, you are totally right about the blog color combo. I didn't really notice similarity until you pointed it out. How dense am I?!

    Anonymous - I have a super nice sewing machine that I'd love to dig out. I'm a total beginner but have lots and lots of people to help me learn. And also I love mattress ticking - both blue and red, which is why the 3rd blanket appealed to me. S thinks it can look hokey though, so I am thinking about the best way to use it. Maybe a throw pillow -- or maybe even regular old pillow cases. Hmm. The gears are turning.

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  6. I vote #1. Love the color and the texture. Also looks like it'd be so easy to add "new finds" to the room easily.


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