In the Details

The key to getting crisp-looking trim, even in an off-square house like ours, is in the finishing details. That said, if you ever need anything caulked or puttied, I am your woman. I'm no expert in carpentry by any means, but I am very proud of this one skill that I've developed. And I spent ALL of Saturday tending to nail holes and seams while S put up the decorative piece on the baseboard, getting us one step closer to painting and having a bona fide living room.

We both still have about an hour's worth of work on our respective tasks to go (I need to caulk some of the seams in the last photo, for example) but we're close.

I am off work today, so I am actually planning to start painting! I'm going to start with the windows and door frames as they take the most work and are ready to go. I made a very long but very feasible To Do List for myself for the day. Updating the blog was task #1. After that I'm cleaning, digging out my car, doing some research for a Haiti relief project I'm helping with, getting the living room prepped and starting the painting process. It's going to be a good day! For you too!

PS - How did you spend your Valentine's Day? Sometimes grand romantic gestures are fun, but S and I go on dates and hang out together all the time so we don't usually do anything special on Feb 14 out of principle. Yesterday we went to church, made a nice lunch and spent a quiet day chilling out. Best day ever.


  1. Whoo hoo! Time to start painting! :-) We had a lovely day yesterday. We didn't really celebrate Valentine's Day, but we spent the entire day together doing whatever we wanted. We did some shopping, watched a movie and talked a ton. It was wonderful. We spend a lot of time together too, but we have a permanent houseguest, so we don't get our "alone" time as much anymore. :-)

  2. I'm such a terrible caulker.... it makes my hands hurt like something terrible. I'm a total pansy about it. We painted the kitchen and went to a little diner for dinner. Nothing horribly romantic, but Ryan did make me breakfast, which was nice.

  3. Nice job on the stair moldings!


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