I was quite a busy little bee yesterday, running around here cleaning, shoveling and painting. I didn't finish everything on my list, but I got close enough. In fact, the trim in the living room is now about 75% primed, and it looks GOOD. Early morning is not the best time to take photos in our living room, so you may have to trust me on this until the lighting is better.

It looks like I need to do a little more caulking to make sure all cracks are filled. That part of the process is getting a bit wearisome, but it makes such a difference. And remember, we're going to install quarter round at the base to cover those face screws (below) and hide any unevenness.

I know some of you really hate the sight of painted woodwork, but I really love it. And I also really love this Zinsser primer a LOT. I'm not an official expert, but it's by far the best I've ever used. We'll be using this on all woodwork from here on out. (FYI I don't really think the walls need anything this heavy-duty, but bare wood does.)

We're finally onto projects that I know I'm good at, and that feels good! Learning new things is always fun and interesting, but it can be stressful when you've got a lot of money invested in materials -- and when you know lots of people will be judging your screwups on your blog! ☺


  1. Screwups, what screwups? It all looks outstanding. (Hey Emily Kate, you may what to hit that mud behind the primer can with sandpaper on the left side just a little) ;o)

  2. Oh, there are screwups! The fact that things really expanded/contracted with the extreme temp changes messed up some joints and caused some other issues upstairs. Not having heat for awhile was a major screwup.

    And you are right - I've found several places that need some more sanding before we paint the walls. It's always something, right?! I try to hit them as I go... but we still have a couple small issues to patch, so we'll give it all a good once-over when those are dry. Things always take about 45 times longer than I think they should.

  3. We spent all of last evening installing a toilet, which included a run to Home Depot. So I understand things taking longer than you think, for sure. That said, the trim looks fantastic. :-)


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