Still no paint...

This has become the most anti-climactic blog ever, because I promised a painted living room weeks ago and still haven't delivered. Sorry! That thing I said earlier about only having 1 more hour of caulking left to do -- ha! It never ends.

This weekend we spent several hours tying up more loose ends around the place (caulking, patching, sanding, etc.), and we finally got the crown molding up. Once I do my caulking/puttying magic to it, it will look spectacular. And by spectacular, I mean "it will look nice but not draw too much attention to itself."

I have caulked so much that I am confident that if our living room were a wagon on the Oregon Trail, it could float across any river without sinking or losing a single child or wagon tongue.

Honestly I don't know exactly when this room will be painted... There are so many things outside the house that are fun, obligatory or both. For example, this is me, dressed for our church's fun little Father-Daughter Ball on Saturday night. And S spent most of Saturday morning pulling the well pump at his aunt's house to solve her plumbing woes. (Oh yeah, and we have jobs too.) These are the things that pull us away from finishing this room, but that's life and we take it one day at a time!

Yes, I know my sweater is uneven on the bottom. That's probably why it was $10 at TJ Maxx... but I still like it and can sometimes find a magical way to button it so that it hangs straight. Magical sweater!


  1. Cute bag! Where's it from?

  2. I dont know if there is anyone that understands this as much as I do. :-) Life happens. We'll be patiently waiting for pics!

  3. Thanks JB! I bought my little-old-lady bag at Goodwill... When you unbutton the back flap, it unfolds to become the perfect size to carry a magazine or two. And maybe some peppermints and ketchup packets and other things little old ladies like to carry!

  4. And thanks Jenny! Life does happen -- and sometimes it teaches us patience. :-)


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