Bedroom Refresh

How was your weekend, gang? It was pretty monumental for us: we had our first overnight guests! In preparation, we had to do some serious rearranging of the upstairs. We moved our bed into the guest room, set up a new bed in our room, lugged a mattress and box spring over from S's parents' house and swapped stuff all over the place. In addition to having company (and dealing with a freak water leak accident on Saturday morning), we got a LOT done. I'll have lots to post about all week!

Let's start with our bedroom. Here's what it looked a few weeks ago, in dire need of some personality:

It's still a work in progress, but I am pretty pumped about the new bed situation (below). It's casual, happy looking and easy to throw together. My parents lent us the vintage headboard and bed frame, which fits in so much better than our too-modern Malm bed. The washable cotton chevron blanket is from Lands End, the embroidered pillows are from IKEA and the tie-up curtains -- which will look much tidier after I hem them! -- are from Target. I don't really like curtains as a rule, but we needed something to provide a little privacy over those windows.

We are going to swap out the poufy duvet with the textured coverlet (from the first photo) over the next few days as the weather warms up. We also need to find new side tables and lamps. Like I said -- still a work in progress, but I thought you'd like to see the new developments.

It was nice to have a comfy new bed to sleep in the past couple nights as we adjusted to the time change. S says it's all in my head, but I maintain that Daylight Savings Time messes with me. I love all the daylight in the evenings, so I'm not complaining... except for this first week when my body tells me I should stay in bed another hour after my alarm rings.


  1. A friend referred me to your blog. I absolutely love everything you've done. The bedroom looks great!

  2. You know I'm with you on almost everything. We are two peas in a pod some might say. But- not a fan of curtains?! :)

    Personally, I'm a huge fan of curtains as long as they are simple, classy and are not too heavy. They are just for style and decorative purposes though. We have plantation shutters on every single window in our house and they provide all the privacy we could ever need, but they do nothing for the pretty factor that I desire!! Also... as much as I love natural sunlight, sometimes it is so severe here in NC that I let the curtains off their hooks to drown out some of it. So there is my curtain story. I know, good story.

    The bedroom looks pretty. I see those pillows every time I am in IKEA and I like them a lot!

  3. I love the bed frame, and I love the pillows. I may have to scout those out at Ikea. =)


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