DIY Apple Crate Shelves (in progress)

One thing we've been planning since the very day we bought this old log house was to set up crate shelving. It just seems to fit the log home concept, and we especially thought it would bring some of the rustic wood theme into our shiny new living room without being too overpowering. Verdict: success!

At $5 apiece (and some weird looks from strangers) at the local orchard, they're just as economical as IKEA shelving but with much more Thirtyeight20 pizazz. We also just happened to have the perfect cranny to fit them into our living room scheme, since the wall is recessed to the right of the beam.

We're planning to put another set on the right side of the window to finish the whole wall, but what you see is all that would fit in the car. So we're gonna have us a nice reading nook back there (our living room is huge, if you haven't noticed) and I'm pumped!

I have resisted the urge to unpack all my books, because we still need to fasten the crates together and to the wall before we get too crazy filling them. (Note: This is super important if you're going to build crate shelves! Safety first!) We'll get to that at some point in the near future...

If you'll notice, we still haven't even screwed on all the outlet or halo covers, which are just sitting on the same shelf as the drill, waiting. We've been putting some seriously long hours in at work, so it's only partly because we're lazy that we still haven't completed those simple tasks. One thing at a time...

UPDATE: We reasoned the best way to secure these shelves was to screw them directly into the wall.


  1. Emily Kate:

    A very nice use of stuff, as other stuff. To me, wood is warm. Aged wood is best. I realy like what you're doing.

  2. I love the look and idea of those shelves!

  3. I happened on your blog a few months ago....and I've been checking back periodically to see your progress. Love what you're doing with your house! And I just had to comment on the apple crate shelves. I've been thinking about putting them up in our new house and now I'm convinced. I think I'm going to call an orchard right now... Thanks for the push!

  4. I love everything you are doing with the house! Can't wait to see more.

  5. Question: did you spray the crates with anything before bringing them inside? Some sort of "shellac" or sealer perhaps?

  6. Jana - We didn't coat them with anything. I did give them a pretty thorough scrubbing though. I'm so excited that you're going to try it too! Did you find a good source to buy crates?

  7. I called a few orchards in our area and the 3rd try had 16 boxes they were going to throw away. Can't beat 16 boxes for free! I'll give them a scrub down and see how they turn out. Can't wait to have some extra shelving in our kitchen. Thanks for the tips!

  8. love love love love love. thanks for the idea!

  9. where can i buy some apple crates?



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