Industrial Heirloom Railroad Cart

If you saw the pictures of our newly finished, freshly painted living room earlier this week, you may have wondered, What's hiding under that there plastic cover? Oh friends, it's something good!

It's our new entertainment center! My parents brought it as a surprise "living room warming gift" when they came down this weekend.

Not everyone shares our taste for the industrial look, but S and I enjoy just staring and admiring the sheer coolness of this piece! The cart is an authentic Pennsylvania Railroad antique that belonged to my grandfather. I love that sentimenal element. It's been sitting in my parents' barn for years, and when my dad found out we liked industrial decor he got to work fixing it up for us.

He took it all apart, wire-brushed and oiled the grody metal, made weathered plank shelves AND outfitted it with those sweet removable storage bins (available at Lowe's). What a talented guy, my dad! American Furnishings -- one of my favorite sources for furniture inspiration -- has a much smaller but similar cart listed at $1,400. Which, let's face it, I wouldn't pay for something even this awesome.

Thank you, mom and dad! Come down soon and watch a movie with us! (Please bring your own popcorn because we can't find our microwave.)

It will look even better once we get the TV hung on the wall, the cords hidden (very key) and some books and accoutrements on the shelves. S and I were laughing last night because our living room currently looks like a furniture gallery. White walls, no plants, no rugs, no personal touches -- just furniture. We almost have to reintroduce ourselves to the concept of having a living room at all. So give us time. We'll settle in here and make it homey one day at a time!

So what do you think? Coolest thing ever, right? Especially because it has family history. Can't beat that!


  1. Emily Kate:

    This can not be beat! What an outstanding gift. Stuff used for other reasons is the coolest. I have many items from my Grandfather on display as well. It's a real connection to family history that can not be provided by IKEA or Pier 1.
    Leave it to a shop teacher to see a thing, out of another thing. Keep this up and you will have a meanful story in every room in the house.
    More ! more !!

    Mel in Indiana

  2. ............. meaningful story .......

  3. It's awesome. Totally goes with your house. And I love those bins. I've been eyeing them up at our Lowes during our daily trips. :-) and yes, I WAS wondering what was under the tarp :-)

  4. This is seriously cool. What a find!

  5. L-O-V-E IT!!!! If your mom and dad have an extra laying around in the barn, tell them you have a buyer!!!!


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