Kroken Cutlery Caddy - in action

As you may remember, S and I were pretty excited when we installed the Kroken Cutlery Caddy from IKEA in our bathroom back in December. We need all the storage and organization help we can get, and if we can do it with a little style, even better. Ever since we discovered this inexpensive little organizational wonder, I've been seeing it everywhere -- all with different uses, none having anything to do with cutlery. (Maybe they should change the name?)

In our bathroom here at Thirtyeight20:
By the garden sink via IKEA Family:
Indoor window box via AT:
Kids' art supply storage via Ohdeedoh:

Laundry room storage by Erin via D*S:

Don't ya love when people get creative and think outside the box? As our log home friend Mel says, "stuff used for other stuff" -- whether it's apple crates or kitchen caddies or whatever -- makes things more interesting and personal.

Speaking of interesting and personal -- does anyone have any good weekend plans? S and I are going to watch Roller Derby in Baltimore with some friends tomorrow night... I gotta say, I'm pretty excited! However you end up spending your weekend, I hope you have a good one!


  1. Very cool! I was thinking about getting those to use in the craft room/office to corral pens, office supplies and smaller craft/sewing supplies. But, we'll see if that happens. I'd love to keep them off the desk for work space.

  2. Want to buy the gorgeous Air Conditioners for your house ?


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