Log Home Inspiration

Last night we were awakened at 2am by one of those dreaded phone calls -- the kind that jar you out of bed with expectations of the worst. Fortunately everyone is OK this morning. S's grandfather was having trouble breathing, so he was taken to the hospital in the ambulance. Thank the Lord, Pop is feeling better now. S's parents are on vacation so he is at the hospital handling things, and I am here counting our blessings and being thankful. I hope your week is starting off with a little less excitement.

We spent some much-needed time outside this weekend, and it was really refreshing after a tough winter. It got me thinking about all the work that needs to be done to the exterior of our house, which seriously looks like the kind of place where Boo Radley and the Unabomber would happily shack up. (The kitchen is currently propped up on stilts.)

So I started looking through my inspiration files this morning for ideas and came across this beautiful photo from photographer Mark Burstyn's portfolio:

I think it's my favorite log house exterior ever. It's downright stately, isn't it? The log exterior is so unexpected and refreshing. Unfortunately Mr. Burstyn's website doesn't give any details about its history or location, or I'd show up at the door asking for a tour.

Our house could never look anything like this (it's a completely different shape, size, style, etc.) but it inspires me because it breaks the mold of traditional log houses. I think many log home owners prefer a wilder and rougher rustic look, but this house has a different kind of rusticity that I really like -- it's rustic but refined. Kind of like my husband: I love how he looks wearing a nice suit and a couple days' worth of stubble. Know what I mean? I think the same can be true of houses, don't you?


  1. Emily Kate:

    This is truly an unusual house. The builders must have been folks with means. With the full second level, 12 over 8 and 12 over 12 windows and two, count'em TWO chimneys with what I am sure will be four fireplaces, ..... very nice looking and not al all expected.
    Also notice that it's sitting well up from the ground. Another sign that this is a home built for well-to-do people. So many old log houses are built on logs that lay directly on the ground, or simple stone footings. I see the end grain of the second level floor joists. Nice feature. What is conspicuously missing is a front porch.

  2. Mel I agree - there's a good deal of wealth represented here! I am wondering when it was built, and where. That would shed light on a lot! It looks like it has a few additions that stretch pretty far back...

    I like the lack of front porch. I always loved salt box style houses, and this reminds me of one from the front.

  3. Our week did not start off with any less excitement! We were in a car accident Sunday (hit from behind- ouch). They whisked me away on a stretcher, into the ambulance and off to the hospital. I ended up with a spraned neck and shoulder. Chris had a sore neck, but is otherwise a-ok. So much for a drama-free week eh?

  4. Holy cow, Linds! So glad you and Chris are OK! I'm sure you're still feeling a bit stiff. How's your car?


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