New-Old Vanity Table

As I mentioned earlier, last weekend we did some rearranging of our upstairs. With some of the living room furniture now (finally) settled in the actual living room, our bedrooms now have some breathing room to be more functional and comfortable. One development I'm excited about is this little dressing table setup -- cobbled together using the vintage manicure table I blogged about last month, an old mirror and the stool from my actual vanity table (which currently serves as my home office desk.)

We bought the super old, very heavy duty mirror for $10 at an estate store in Lynchburg, VA, during our Christmas travels. It's made entirely of thick metal, including the back, and it weighs about two tons. I've thoroughly cleaned it a dozen times with both vinegar and Windex and still can't get all the smears off. I just read yeserday that cleaning a mirror with dish detergent can remove age-old scum and residue from cleaning products, so I'm going to try that next. Our house is in constant transition so I'm debating about whether to hang the mirror on the wall or not -- it would probably require a serious lag bolt, and I am a bit hesitant about that!

It's a pretty makeshift little setup, but there's something very quaint about it. Plus the guest room gets lots of natural light so it's a good spot for applying makeup. Now I'm on the lookout for a cute little jewelry stand (or maybe a tray?) and a small piece of art to hang on the wall to the left. That's the fun part. I love that we've reached the fun part!

Have a great weekend everyone! I think we'll be doing some work outside tomorrow, which is very exciting after being cooped up inside all winter.


  1. Hey Emily!
    My hubby and I love your blog. We have a lot of the same interests --- like very similar antiques mixed in with some modern flair. We love what you're doing.

    Since you are a crafty lady, I saw an interesting jewelry idea where a girl took an old dart board (like this one: http://common.csnstores.com/common/products/GLD/GLD1016_l.jpg) and sanded and painted it. She put little jewelry hooks inside and hung it on the wall so it could be opened and closed. Anyway, thought it was interesting. :)

  2. What a fun setup! I love that Art Deco manicure table. What a great score. :)


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