Our living room is turning into a bachelor pad...

Admittedly, we've been pretty darn lazy the past few days, just enjoying our newfound space... and it's been AWESOME. We did, however, manage to drag out this old Atlas trunk and clean it up for use as a coffee table and storage. I bought it for $40 at my favorite consignment shop several months ago, mostly because it has a bunch of neat old stickers from various Pennsylvania universities stuck all over it. It's not in amazing shape, but it has a lot of character.

I love that we've finally got a comfy little lounging area set up... but it's really starting to look bachelor-y in here! Obviously the furniture is dark, brooding and industrial. I'm cool with that. But it's the total lack of rugs, pillows, art and plants in here that needs to be addressed pronto. (Note: S loves it and says he'd be content if we kept it as-is... Sorry babe.)

So I'm getting ready to inject some color and life into this room, piece by piece. I prefer rooms that look like they've evolved over time, so I'm going to avoid the temptation to go hog-wild and buy a bunch of stuff all at once to create some cohesive "look." My next purchase is going to be an area rug. And then I might wait awhile to see what strikes me next.

On our list for an eventual purchase is a new couch. Ours is in great shape (and is super snuggly) but it's not very attractive. It's the ultimate man couch -- stain-resistant, ultra comfortable and perfect for a crowd of sports fans. But now that I describe it that way, maybe it's the absolute perfect couch for us. I'm torn between having a couch I love looking at and having one I really love sitting on... I've yet to find a good compromise, so for now the comfy/ugly couch stays.

Also, I hope you all won't mind the lack of a big, dramatic "living room reveal" with all the details put together at once, as some bloggers tend to do. That's just not how we roll. We're the organic type that doesn't really stick to a mood board or a master plan for decorating. I'll be sharing updates now and then with new developments and fun finds. We can watch it evolve together.


  1. I think letting your room evolve is the best way to end up with a perfectly decorated space. Our living room took about 8 months to a year to really become what it is today. It was just being at the right place, at the right time and finding that certain piece that would be perfect in that certain corner. When you stare at a blank space long enough, you begin to realize exactly what you want there and eventually you stumble across it. We did the same thing with the rug. In this house, the first month or so all we had was our new (heavy on the gorgeous, not so heavy on the comfort) couch and an 11x13 area rug to cover too much exposed wood floor. The rug was the beginning because it gave me a color pallet and a course for style. So I bid you good decorating!!!

  2. Definitely ignore the urge to "just get the room done" You won't regret purchases and decisions that way. Also, you can always post a dramatic "Before and After" down the road, once you have found the perfect rug and accessories. At least that's my plan. :-)

  3. Always keep an open mind about what constitutes the "right thing" for a space-- know your needs and the size of your space, and when you come across that random find, you'll feel an initial exhilaration that evolves into quiet satisfaction. Happy hunting!

  4. That couch need to stay...or ill take it. Its not ugly it and it it rustic as you claim to like. now just mount the tv on the wall and you can run an art slide show and there is your art.


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