Wardrobe-Inspired Decor: Wedding Dress Drapes

Last week I mentioned how many designers recommend taking cues from your wardrobe when decorating your house. Lately I've been stumbling across photos of rooms that really strike me -- not because they match my everyday wardrobe, but because they match my wedding dress!

(My silk dress was handmade by Cristina Arzuaga in NYC. Hooray for sample sales!)
Now, I have absolutely no place in my house to hang pale pink silk dupioni drapes (especially if I want to remain married to S)... and it's too much of a good thing for my taste anyway. But obviously I am drawn to the fabric and the good memories that go with it. So, just for fun...

I especially like how it's used in this first room below. It adds a touch of luxury without being too frilly.

Room by Jason Martin via D*S

Designer Tracy Reese's apartment, via MoodBoard

Via Luna and Chloe

It's funny what catches your eye one day and becomes your "thing." Do any of you have a "thing" that you always notice or look for? I'd also love to see someone else do this with their wedding dress! Please!


  1. OMG this is AMAAAAAZING!!!

  2. Yes, PLEASE!!! Emily, you are a woman after my own heart!

  3. I'm not officially a 'pink' girl by nature (I know, I know!)--but suddenly, I LOVE PINK!

    {I have often been drawn to the pink/green combo, though. Think: roses & foliage}.

  4. Meadowbelle - I like pink when done right, but I never thought I'd have a pink sash on my wedding dress until I saw that dress on the rack!I felt it was the perfect blend of feminine and unfussy. FYI our bridesmaid dresses were pale green!

    Just checked out your shop - love the peacock boutonniere and all the flower fascinators! Oh, how I love weddings...


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