Weekend and Upcoming Plans

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Our little reprieve from renovation projects is coming at a pretty good time -- a very busy time. We spent most of Saturday in various Baltimore hospitals, watching Deadliest Catch with S's grandfather and visiting a friend whose water broke 8 weeks early, and who is now on complete bed rest as she tries to hold off delivery as long as possible. (What a trooper!)

We did manage to squeeze in our Roller Derby excursion with some friends Saturday night. I was sort of expecting a slightly less comfortable experience based on the reputation of the sport, but there were lots of families there and only a modicum of raunch. It was fun.

Yesterday I took S to the airport, where he flew off to Charlotte on business. I have to go fetch him tomorrow night, so I'm using this solo time to run errands I've been putting off and watch all my favorite girlie movies. I have some painting I should do... but I probably won't. A break is a break, right?

Next weekend we'll be in Pennsylvania celebrating Easter with my side of the family. There will be lots of nephew tormenting and hanging with the fam, so I'm pretty excited. Hopefully my favorite thrift shops will be open.

The weekend after that we'll be in Miami! (If you're a newer reader, S and I lived there for 2 years before we moved here.) We'll be there for 5 days, partly for business and mostly for fun. We'll be hitting up our favorite restaurants and beach spots, spending time with friends and getting to see my little 7-week old godson for the first time. We could really use a real vacation, far away from this house, so this is coming at a really good time.

We have more stuff happening after that, but my brain is not capable of thinking about them yet. My plan is to just float along for the next two weeks, then regroup when we get back from Florida. So, until then, expect the unexpected!


  1. Emily Kate:

    On the subject of "girlie movies". try "New in Town" with Renee Zellweger. Nice film, doesn't beat up Christians for a change. (yes yes I know, but I like a happy ending)

  2. I love that movie! Saw it last year.

    Why didn't you come with S to Charlotte and come see me?! :)


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