Winter Warmth

Spring has not quite sprung here yet. I have seen many flocks of geese flying over the house lately, signaling their return for the warmer months. But that doesn't change the fact that it is still pretty cold and dreary around here. There is still snow on the ground, and my guess is that we'll have another 3 weeks of chilly weather at least.

Fortunately, my sister-in-law Jen made me this gorgeous neckwarmer for Christmas. The knitting itself is beautiful, and I just love the rich purple color. I've been wanting to post about it since I unwrapped it, but I'm always rushing out the door whenever I'm wearing it!

I get so many compliments on it, and providing that no one steals it, I will be sportin this baby for years to come. I wish I were this crafty, but at least I get to enjoy the fruits of other people's craftiness! Check out Jen's etsy shop here to see her other cool creations.


  1. OOO!!! I LOVE THIS!

  2. I also love it's cuteness. I even love the color and I'm not a purple person.

  3. Love this. I'm currently crocheting a scarf to make into a neckwarmer and I found some great wooden buttons at the flea market. Now, I'm totally excited to get it finished. I need it finished before it gets too warm to use it. =)

  4. You have a wonderful sis-in-law! I am the Etsy pattern seller. She proudly sent me a link to your blog. May I be so bold as to provide a link back to my shop? If that's not cool, just remove this comment.


  5. Angie: You're right, my sister-in-law is totally wonderful! Thanks for creating the pattern that made such a cool accessory. I'm gonna go check out your shop right now!

  6. That's great. I could use that right now. I'm sitting under a sleeping bag with a heater at my feet!


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