Basement Surprise!

So our basement door situation is kinda unattractive, like most things around here. It just has a bare frame with nothing else going on. (Another thing on the To Do list...) Exhibit A:

But yesterday afternoon when I went for a walk, I discovered that a little bird had built a nest in a corner of the door frame (you can see the tangled mess of it above) -- and I could see at least 5 small, white eggs with reddish brown speckles inside!

The mama bird was in the nest when I went to take a picture this morning. We startled each other, and she swooped out at me in protection. I, of course, shrieked like a wimp and nearly had a heart attack. I'm no bird expert, so when I tried to do some research on what type of bird it might be, this website has me thinking it could be just about anything. Apparently like 90% of birds lay eggs with reddish brown speckles. Truthfully I was too preoccupied in dodging the bird to get a good look at it, so right now the poorly photographed eggs and tangly nest are my only clues.

Anyone got an educated guess as to what kind of birds are incubating in my basement door frame?

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  1. No idea, but I'm interested to know. ;) (I'm such a huge help, huh?)


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