Deals and Steals: Victory for Whales "Art"

When we bought our house, we discovered that the previous owners had left a lot of junk behind. Duckpin bowling trophies, oodles of broken toys, a hidden stash of early 90s porno mags -- all of which got tossed. But this... this we had to keep:

We found this "Victory for Whales in '80" postcard, encased in a green plastic frame and lavender mat, in the upstairs bathroom when we bought the house. It was a good representation of our house at the time, filled with odd discoveries and quirks left behind (and, in fact, created) by the kind of people who frame ecological propaganda and keep it for almost 30 years.

I found it in a box today and gave it prime real estate on the bookshelf next to a piece of coral we found on Miami Beach -- a fitting pairing, I thought. (Heaven help me when I finally decide to unpack all my books and find no room on the shelves...)

The irony is that I find whales to be extremely terrifying. Blame Jonah or Pinocchio or Herman Melville -- all would probably agree that whales are scary. However I like to think this one is our friend, considering we saved him from the dumpster and all. Victory for the whale!

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