I hope you all had a very happy Easter weekend, reflecting on the true meaning and significance of the holiday. We were in PA visiting my parents, and we had a great time chasing/being chased by our nephews, hanging out with family and being thankful for the gift of redemption. We played croquet (I beat S in a very dramatic finish, with only minimal cheating), went to Raystown Lake to look for the family of bald eagles that are nesting near the dam, stopped by our favorite thrift store and enjoyed being outside. I have been feeling stressed and out of sorts lately, but this spring weather has me feeling like a new (and greatly improved) person.

Pretty table ready for Easter dinner.
My nephew's vintage suitcase, which carried his pirate costume and accessories. Also Dad's boots.
Dad and Scout find time for a sunny porch nap.

A happy arrangement of flowers I found in the yard. My grandma's old mirror now sits above my parents' fireplace. The old barn is starting to feel springy.

Family tradition: throw old eggs off the porch and try to hit the tree. 1 pushup for every miss!
Pagota at the spillway of Raystown Dam.
It was great to have a weekend away from the house and all of the guilty feelings that we get when we choose to relax instead of tackle more projects. The fun continues, as we'll be in Miami next weekend, leaving the house to its own devices. S and I get homesick for Miami a lot, especially in winter, so we are pretty excited to head back down for a visit together.

How was your Easter and your weekend? Do you feel totally renewed by spring, or does the weather not affect you? I don't know about you, but I hope these sunny days are going to stick around for awhile!

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