A fashion moment

I don't normally post about fashion, because a.) this is a blog about a house, and b.) I'm no authority on the subject. I like clothes, yes, and I like to look nice in my own special way, but I wouldn't list fashion as a primary interest and I'm not very fond of shopping... mostly because I'm also not a fan of spending money on things that I will probably tire of in a few months.

Additionally, I don't like to re-post things I've seen on other blogs, because that's unoriginal... BUT, despite all the abovementioned conditions...

I spotted this outfit over at Ill Seen, Ill Said the other day, and I have since visited the page multiple times to look at it again, wistfully. If I had that Calypso dress I'd want to wear it every day, all summer long. With my cowboy boots of course. Alas, I'm going to have to hunt for an alternative to the dress, because I'm too cheap (wise, we'll call it) to spend $200 on a casual little thing, perfect though it may be.

So anyway, this post is way off the beaten path, but I am doing it anyway because I think it looks like an outfit a gal who lives in a log house might wear. That's the connection. You see it, don't you?


  1. Absolutely! That screams you! I love it.

  2. not the same, but similar feels:







  3. Thanks for all the suggestions Katie!!!! #2 is definitely my favorite... Those side buttons are such a nice touch. I just might have to give that one a shot. I'll keep you posted!

  4. I see how it connects. I can definitely see that girl in a rustic yet modern log house. :-) Cute dress!

  5. glad you like them! the second is my favorite, too. here's another: http://www.freepeople.com/sale-sale-dresses/cannery-row-dress/ =)

  6. Do you sew? The School House Tunic over at Sew Liberated would be a very close approximation, and VERY easy to do...

  7. Wow you guys are awesome -- thanks for the suggestions.

    WhenSheWasGood/Melissa (No I don't have ESP - I looked at your profile for your name!): I aspire to sew... but I'm not there yet. I have a sewing machine, and a nice one too. But I'm a total beginner -- plus our half-done house doesn't offer much room to spread out (or time to dedicate to it). I checked out the pattern and it really would be perfect! Would it really be easy? Maybe when my house is theoretically done, I will blog about my beginning adventures in sewing!

  8. Here are two that I found:



    I like #2 a lot... but I can't tell how long it would be on me. I don't want to propagate my brazen hussy-ness.

  9. SUPER cute dress. Definitely find a cheaper one! Way too expensive.

  10. if you need even more options =) i was at h&m today and they have basically that exact same tunic dress. unfortunately, there's no online shop for the usa, or i'd give you a link, but i'd say definitely give it a look if you've got one close.


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