I actually won something

A couple weeks ago I entered a cool giveaway over at Inspired by Charm, and guess what -- I won! The prize was three vintage spools threaded with different colors of baker's twine. They are so very me, if you ask me. I was thrilled when they arrived in the mail.

Part of the contest was describing how you would use the twine. I said I'd get a glass terrarium and display the spools -- taking them out for gift wrapping and even stringing up a chicken one day, if we ever get our kitchen done. I've held off posting pics of my prize because I haven't actually gotten the terrarium yet. The original one I bought was too small, so I gave it to a friend for her birthday.

So for now, they sit on my bookshelf, on top of a very cool looking book (Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon) that I've never actually finished reading because it got too darn trippy when the dog started talking. Since I believe you shouldn't own books that you haven't or don't plan to read, I am going to tackle it one day soon. Maybe I will use the twine to tie myself to the chair while I read.

Two bits of interesting info: first, you should definitely check out Inspired by Charm, especially if you live in Pennsylvania (that means you, family). The blogkeeper, Michael, also happens to be the innkeeper of a cute little bed and breakfast in central PA -- just an hour or two from where I grew up. It's a small world!

Second bit of info: the crate bookshelves in our living room still aren't done. I feel sort of awful about this. It would take maybe half an afternoon to buy the hardware and connect the crates to one another and to the wall... but we've just been so busy. And so the whole thing remains a danger to small children another day. Fortunately I'm starting to get over guilty feelings about projects that aren't finished -- there's always another project and more work to do. There's no use feeling guilty about it, right? Right.


  1. Awww! you are so sweet!

    They look great and i'm glad you love them and found a great place for them.

    and who knew you grew up in PA!? and so close. too cool!

  2. Those spools are so you! As though they were made with you in mind.


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