Time for Tennis

After about two months of having a chalkboard wall and nothing to write with, S finally bought us some chalk and wrote our first chalkboard message! (Sometimes we may seem like highly motivated people, but this is proof that, at other times, we are lazy as it comes.) Here was his first message:

Time for tennis indeed! It's beautiful out and work is officially done for the day, so we are headed to the courts. We recently made a pact to play twice a week, despite the fact that we are not very good and people often laugh at us and/or get hit by our errant balls. We played a lot in Miami and loved it though, so it was time to make it a part of our lives here in Maryland. Bad technique notwithstanding, we manage, and it sure beats many other forms of exercise.

Plus, one of the best parts of country living is the fresh air and all the room to run around, so I'm trying to get outside and enjoy it as much as possible. (Toning up for swimsuit season is pretty good motivation to get moving too!) Are you feeling like limbering up your creaking bones lately? With springtime now here, I can't seem to move enough.

PS - I bet a few of you are wondering about that beautiful old rocking chair. It's another family heirloom -- I'll post its story soon! Right now it's time for tennis...


  1. Enjoy your tennis time my friend :) My dad is an avid tennis player and while my brother and I were growing up he would take us the the courts. It never really caught on with either one of us but his love for basketball did. My brother and I both played organized basketball. While neither one of us carried any kind of "love" for a sport into adulthood, we still find an occassion to shoot hoops with the old man and I must say we are not too shabby. Think, "Father of the Bride" :)

  2. not the rocking chair, but that lovely blue table caught my eye! =) as always, love the chalkboard wall, too.

  3. Linds- I used to play tennis with my uncle, who is a total tennis ace, when I was little. I have retained about 0% of the technique he taught me. At least we're playing, right? That "Father of the Bride" image is sweet in my mind. Sounds nice.

    Katie - That table was a Pier 1 sale item from our 1st year of marriage. It was one of the first pieces of furniture we bought together. Our style was a bit different back then (if we had one at all), but we still love it even though it doesn't fit the rest of our decor. We have pretty eclectic taste, so we'll make it work somehow! We really don't want to let it go.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I absolutely loved your ideas --- Gotta call on the English Lit majors for creative ideas more often. :)


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