Weeds and Priorities

While we were outside working yesterday, I picked some pretty little weeds to brighten up the living room since it's supposed to be a rainy week. (By next year I'd like to plant real flowers... Does anyone want to place a bet on whether this will happen? ☺) After a little Googling, I think the happy yellow blooms are canola, which is taking over the fringes of the yard right now. So far the flowers aren't making us sneeze, so they are welcome any time.

As you can see by the blank walls, the living room is still in progress, decor-wise. We have decided not to invest too much time and money into really settling in and decorating until the rest of the house (kitchen, master suite, etc.) is finished. I'm always finding beautiful rugs and antique mirrors that would be perfect for this spot or that one, but the reality is that we literally have half a house left to renovate. That means wiring, plumbing, ducts, flooring, framing, appliances, etc. (I almost had a panic attack as I typed that.) Small details and comforts will have to wait, and I'm OK with that. My wallet and I just need to have an occasional chat about priorities, and then we're good.

Anyway, this back corner is our little temporary "reading nook" -- with our antique Cremo cigar humidor (an antique store find) and our old IKEA Klippan loveseat casually covered with a canvas drop cloth. It looks kinda chill and artsy back there, which I like considering this whole setup was an afterthought. I have bigger plans for this space, but there's no rush. In the meantime, a few little weeds make a big difference in cozying it up and making it feel like home -- even though we have a LOT of work to do.

Thanks for sticking with us through it all. Your encouragement and support really keep us (particularly me) going throughout this seemingly endless project. You guys are the best! I really and truly mean that.


  1. The nook is super cute! And you know how I love anything blue/teal...your vase is lovely. I spy a beautiful wedding picture that I don't think I've ever seen before. Is it blown up bigger than normal?

    It is definitely going to be a rainy week up here in good 'ol Williamsport, PA. I'm going to take advantage and continue my reading of the Twilight saga, do lots of job searching, and possibly start a blog. Rainy days are good for the soul I think :) (especially with a hot cup of soup topped off with some hot tea)

  2. Lacy, you're going to start a blog? Awesome! What's it going to be about?

    Re: the wedding pic -- Our good friend Marty took some AMAZING pics that only a few people have really seen -- mostly because my old computer (recently deceased) was too old/slow to handle such large files.

    His photos are seriously better than our actual pro photographer's work. (Like, I didn't know we could look that good!) His family owns professional printing equipment, so he had one of the photos printed on canvas for us. I found it in a box over the weekend. Not sure where it will live permanently.

    I don't think anyone has seen my favorite wedding picture of all, taken by Jen (my bro's wife) with black and white film. It's framed and displayed in our house as well (I guess that probably means we are vain???)

    As for the vase -- love it too! It was a little gift from my cousin when she visited in Miami once. Makes me happy and I always think of her when I see it.


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