Some of you have asked questions about the floor plan of the house and how everything fits together. I understand why this could be confusing since half of this L-shaped house is still gutted and barricaded off, so I figured I should oblige and help you out with some diagrams, low-tech though they may be.

These images are not to scale, but you get the idea. And hopefully you can read the tiny print. (Sorry.) FYI the original log section is outlined in brown. The section to the left of that (the kitchen area) was built around 1900. The very back section (living room) was built around 2000.

The first floor has a large foyer (front right) with a coat closet and powder room. As you keep walking the dining room is on your right, the doorway to the kitchen is on the left and the living room is straight ahead, down 4-5 stairs. The living room has a utility closet under the stairs, and I marked the chalkboard wall at the back of the house. The red squares are chimneys.

On the 2nd floor, the entire front half of the house is the master suite. It will be huge. We will be able to access the Laundry/Master Closet room from the kitchen by ascending those old curved stairs. Walking down 4 steps from the master bedroom, the entire back half of the house is the guest area with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a linen closet. This is the section that's currently finished.

So... does this help at all? Do you get it? Do I need to increase the size of the text? How am I going to keep this big house clean?


  1. So what is the estimated square footage of the ENTIRE house? Do you have any idea? I'm guessing close to 2,000 per floor?

    If that is the case, and you have 4,000+ sq. feet to keep clean- Lord have mercy on you. I have 1700 sq. feet to keep clean and I find it challenging!! :) On another note- wow what an amazing house this is going to be. That master suite is enough to make you never want to leave.

  2. I totally agree Linds, with both of your comments. It's going to be A LOT of house to keep clean, but it's going to be so worth it to have that amazing master suite! (You're just going to have to take one area at a time to clean or else you'll be totally overwhelmed!)

    Something these floor plans brought to light that I never knew before was how you can access the downstairs via that 2nd staircase. That is so neat! Your master suite is completely separated from the guest area and vice versa. That's really great for privacy reasons, i.e. future kids!

    Will your home office be in one of the spare bedrooms? With a master bedroom so large, will you have a lounge/reading area? I can picture that and it sounds relaxing. :)

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Linds, I think it's closer to 2800 or 3000 sq ft. The lack of scale in the images could be a little deceiving -- but it's still pretty big. I don't mind cleaning and find it to be therapeutic at times... but I always pictured myself in a cottage. This is intimidating!

    Lacy- As you said, the master suite is totally separate, which I love. And it will have exposed log walls and beams to make it super cool and inviting. The extra stairs in the house are a pain and probably affect its overall value, but at the same time it does create a sense of privacy on the 2nd floor. And it's a better setup than the house used to have so I can't complain.

    I fought to keep those stairs in the kitchen since the main stairs aren't centrally located. Plus, the curvy ones have personality and tons of charm. I'm really excited to get this side of the house under control.

  4. That is awesome! I have thought of you as I have been working on my house so much recently. We have painting and are about to replace the vanities in the bathroom. No big deal compared to what you are doing! Anyways, do you have any advice about fixing up your house and not going crazy?


Thanks for reading! I love your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. Keep 'em coming!