Weekend Plans

This weekend is going to be a doozy. S's sister's wedding is being held in my in-laws' backyard a week from tomorrow, so we'll be helping with the last-minute preparations. We're not sure what this will entail, but we're ready for anything.

We'll also be finishing a fun yard project we started last weekend. (And by fun, I mean not very fun at all.) We have a dead tree at the top of the yard that has been dropping limbs for years. We have to mow in a wide circle around it, since it's not so good for a lawn mower to run over whole tree branches. (That's your free expert tip of the day.) So not only do we have a dead tree that is just poised and ready to crack our neighbor's skull the minute he walks by, but we also have a giant patch of tall grass that is an eyesore and a haven for snakes.

So last weekend we started the process of cutting the grass with a string trimmer (our teenage neighbor Zach was kind enough to help) and dragging out all the buried limbs and sticks. These were so embedded into the ground and matted into the grass that we had to comb the ground with metal rakes to find them. There were SO many...

As you can see in the 2nd photo, we made pretty good headway, and the swath of overgrown weeds is significantly smaller. We plan to fell the tree tomorrow, and another neighbor is going to take it for firewood. Though I am looking forward to the resulting bonfire (bring marshmallows!) the part I dread most is moving all the remaining sticks and limbs to the front yard. Hopefully S will think of something that doesn't involve dragging them one by one.

What are your big weekend plans? Want to come drag some sticks around? The fun begins tonight after work. All are welcome. ☺ Whatever you do, make it fun and tell me how it turns out!


  1. This is why I rent.

  2. Emily Kate:

    Monday morning: So how did it go? It looks good so far. I didn't realize your property went behind thoses other houses, very nice.
    Yes, my weekend did involve dragging sticks, how did you know? It also involved a 4' black snake in the loft of the barn. I was up getting hay for Stetson, and was wondering why that old fan belt was moving, then I realized that I don't own an old fan belt. He got away, so did I.


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