The best laid plans...

Fact 1: Sometimes things just don't work out. Fact 2: Sometimes everything you do to try to improve things only makes them worse. Case in point...

Right now our back door is our only entrance, so (on a whim) over the weekend we decided to replace the old, rickety wooden steps that were just waiting to collapse beneath someone at any moment.

The cement steps from the old kitchen entrance happened to be the perfect width and height to be their replacement, so we decided to move them around to the back. Hooray for recycling!

But when we finally got them around to the back door, tragically tearing up the grass in the process, we discovered the steps were way too low. (Shockingly I was not the one who did the measuring.) It may be hard to tell in the photo, but we basically needed at least one more step's worth of height. Or a catapult, or a trampoline...

We tried everything to salvage the situation, like propping the steps on blocks and stones, but without building up all the surrounding dirt and completely changing the landscape, there was just no way this was feasible. FYI the agony of defeat is rather unpleasant. So anyway, this was the outcome:

It's really only just infinitely worse than when we started. Instead of a brilliant recycled stairs solution, we have a pile of rubble, a ladder, ruts in the yard and a couple wasted hours. We have guests coming this weekend too, so it looks like we have to come up with a Plan B pretty directly. Oh well, you can't win 'em all I guess.

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