Chippy old door

I rescued this old door out of the dumpster during the early days of our renovation, with the intention of saving the doorknob for some future use. I'm embarrassed to say that the door sat in the front yard for over a year after that, braving the weather and numerous "You might be a redneck" comments. That is, until last week when I hosed it off and shoved it into the corner of the living room on a whim. I kind of like it. It has a nail already in place for hanging a wreath or other little whatever, so I'm looking forward to styling it up for various occasions. I'm also planning to paint the top of that cheap old IKEA side table white.

In a way, having a door that leads to nowhere is an homage to the Pit of Despair the living room had when we bought the house. Fortunately that pit is long gone, now integrated into our new living room. I'm thinking the despair part might still exist in the form of lead paint on this decorative door... but we don't have any kids yet, so that's not currently a major concern.

Side note: I feel I need to mention that the delish bread and cheese tray on the trunk was not put there just for photo styling purposes -- it was from a party we had over the weekend. (And the computer is set up next to the TV for busting out some tunes!) My mom thinks it's funny that we still manage to entertain with only half a house. We like having people over, so we make it work.

Anyway the total cost of this little door-as-decor endeavor was a whopping $0. You can't beat free -- that's my philosophy. The living room is still a major work in progress decor-wise, but it's getting cozier a little at a time as we work with what we have. I've said before that I'm not the type to buy a bunch of stuff all at once to decorate a room. Slow and steady wins the race -- that's my other philosophy. Anyone else have any good philosophies to share?


  1. Such a beautiful piece! The door adds so much style to that corner of your room.

  2. Emily-
    Did you get that IKEA table recently? I think it'll look great with a white top...

  3. Thanks Jackie!

    Annie - The IKEA table was from S's apartment before we got married, so it's about 5 years old. I think he paid around $15 for it new. It's the "FORNBRO," which might be discontinued in the US now as I can't find it on the website. I'm sure they pop up on Craigslist now and again for a little bit of nothing. Ours has a defunct foot or I'd offer it to you!

  4. I'll have to keep an eye out- Thanks!

  5. Emily Kate:

    Very nice door and well placed. We too have an old door. Mine is installed in a wall in my office. It's framed in, but doesn't open and leads no where. When the fella's came to install the carpet, the guy was trying to open it while asking me, "Do you want carpet in this closet too?"
    How's that kitchen foundation coming?

  6. The house looks AWESOME!

    I have a blog award for you on my blog at http://tipopez.blogspot.com/.

  7. I love the door there, it gives the room so much character and charm!

    Oh, and I have that same side table from Ikea! I love it and still use it also.


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