Getting Caulky

I know there are a lot of fellow renovators out there, and if you're anything like us you probably go through caulk like water. If it ever flooded, I'm convinced our house would float. Just thought I'd let you know that DAP has a buy-3-get-1-free rebate offer going on, as well as some other little deals on their website.

FYI DAP isn't paying me to tell you about this. I share because I care.

Also, if you haven't signed up for the toaster giveaway yet, I'm offended. So sign up here. You have till Monday morning or our relationship will be forever altered. More specifically, if you ever come to my house and ask for toast, you will not be getting any.

Anyone have any great weekend plans? Any caulking going down? Our weekend is so jam packed that sitting on the mower might be the most relaxing thing I'll get to do.


  1. Thanks for the tip on the caulk! We burn through it like wildfire! We will be celebrating with our dads this weekend :)

  2. Plans had been to re-floor the kitchen balcony Saturday then take a long drive down country roads on the Harley on Sunday. As of 15 mins. ago, the plans are now to refloor the kitchen balcony AND redo the ceiling on the garden porch (foot slipped off support beam on balcony floor and went through the garden porch ceiling). Will probably still do the Harley drive Sunday, but in abbreviated form as we'll be much more tired this evening than we had anticipated-- and we'll need to conserve energy so we can go right back at it on Monday.


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