Several months ago I asked my good friend Hope to make me a painting. We've known each other since 2004, when she was just a confused college freshman trying to figure out what to major in -- and when I was a confused senior, trying to figure out what to do with myself after graduation. We've come a long way since then, thank the good Lord.

Hope eventually found her niche in painting and has spent the past, oh, six years studying and teaching painting at Brown and RISD. Since we've known each other for several years and share similar tastes in almost everything, I gave her free reign on the design of the painting. I was finally able to get my paws on it over the weekend during our Providence visit. Here is a closeup of the detail:

I absolutely love it. In general she describes her work as drippy and messy (among other things of course), which is true of this piece, but at the same time the intricacy and texture are amazing. I'm not exactly sure where its permanent home will be in the house (because there are so many places I want to put it), but it will get prime placement somewhere.

I also would have killed to get my hands on these cowgirl boots she painted, but alas they were already spoken for before I had my chance.

Isn't her work the coolest? I love handmade art of all sorts, but pieces made by friends are the most special. I could fill my house with them... and I just might!


  1. ooo! love that painting! the colors and the textures of those dots are wonderful. thanks for introducing us to your friend--that's a name i'm definitely going to hang on to!

  2. That first dot painting reminds me of aboriginal art from Australia (studied abroad there). Beautiful!

  3. Wow...that painting is beautiful...very talented.


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