"She chose a yard to burn..."

While the guys were lugging and pouring concrete in the kitchen, this is how I spent my Saturday:

I got the fire started all by myself (using a lighter and a Victoria's Secret catalog!) and I spent the day burning whatever pieces of our fallen dead tree I could drag out of the weeds. It threatened rain all day, so I had to work fast. I was filthy and sweaty and tired at the end of it, but it was primally satisfying to see a big mess of brush and branches burning and burning down to nothing. There is still a lot of tree left (anyone need firewood?) but the backyard is looking less scraggly as we slowly get it all cleaned up. It also helps that I mowed the lawn that morning too. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but Wonder Woman had nothing on me this weekend.

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  1. Emily Kate:

    You know, normally a Victoria's Secret catalog will self-combust. Your place is looking good.


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