Where I'd like to be today

I don't dislike Mondays per se, but I prefer that they begin slowly and quietly if possible. I've never been a morning person, though I truly wish I were. Mondays are particularly hard. Our weekends are usually so action-packed that starting the week with a cup of tea on this screened porch sounds just about right. You can come too, if you keep your voice down.

This weekend I worked in the yard (mowing, bagging construction debris), while S and his dad poured 60 more bags of concrete in the kitchen for the footer. There's still some foundation work left to do, but it's going quickly. Tonight a professional concrete guy is supposed to drop by to give us an estimate on pouring our actual floor. We've gone back and forth on whether to pour it ourselves, but a knowledgeable friend recently advised us to hire a professional since the floor drains we're installing will complicate the process. It's rare that we pay professionals for anything, but in this case it's probably worth it to make sure it's done right.

OK back to the photo. I'm loving that reclaimed table, and those tractor stools remind me of my grandparents -- though they would probably think the concept was ridiculous. The image is of designer Ken Fulk's Napa home, via Remodelista.

How was your weekend? Where would you like to be today?


  1. Exactly where we love being for a change: at home, back and forth between the garden porch and the springhouse. Giving them a good cleaning today so we can relax there with friends this evening. Just wish you and the rest of the family were here with us.

  2. Mondays are rough for me, too. I need to just ease into the week.

    I'd rather be on a lake somewhere. With a book. And a cocktail. ;)

  3. Emily Kate:

    I am a morning person so I don't relate too well to that. I CAN relate to the table! It looks like part of a bridge. Our weekend was great! We will be grandparents again in January as our youngest son and wife are with child. they came for a visit over the weekend and told us in the drive as soon as they arrived. As to where I'd like to be: Most anywhere it's NOT raining. I continue to enjoy your blog.

  4. Congrat Mel, and to your son and daughter-in-law as well! How exciting.

  5. Emily,

    Love the tractor stools - perfect for the industrial vibe. I think your sense of style is so unique. I obviously lean more towards an eclectic traditional style, but I think your style is so refreshing! Sounds like you guys are doing a ton of work, but just think, "soon" your kitchen will be more than just a toaster oven and microwave!


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