Let there be light

Did you notice we (finally) installed some lights at the back door? It took us long enough, but we finally got tired of groping around in the dark. For $20 each at Lowes, I'm pretty pumped about how stylin' they look. Bonus: I'm much less afraid of spraining my ankle or getting eaten by a wild beast whenever we come home at night.

We also put our rickety old steps back up after our recent stairs debacle. S reinforced them pretty well this time, so they'll probably last until we get around to building our little back patio a couple decades from now. At least with the lights up, you can see where you're stepping and avoid the splintery parts! All's well.


  1. i love the siding you guys chose for that part of the house. And i love the new lights - especially because I have the same ones at my house. :) i love how they look like the lights at my old summercamp.

  2. Love the lights. They're the perfect style for your home :)


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