All's Fair

We went to the local county fair this week. We ate so much they almost didn't let us leave.

Our plan for the weekend is to avoid making plans if possible. We have good intentions of getting some stuff done around the house, but I foresee some much-needed chilling out (wallowing, if you will) happening too. The past few weeks have been a blur, so it's time we stood still for a minute to let the world catch up.

What about you? Any good plans? Can you believe it's August already?


  1. No, I can't. August for me means school is starting again and my summer of pregnancy bliss or should I say pregnancy sickness is coming to an end and work is coming!

  2. I usually spend all summer waiting for my birthday and Labor Day...and then they come so quickly and summer is over again. This summer is no exception - a blur is a great way to describe it. This year, I can't wait for fall because when it arrives, we're going to Europe!

  3. We just went to the fair too! I felt like all we did was eat as well!


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