Deals and Steals: Kitchen Window

The auction was a success! We got our 4'x8' kitchen window for $60. (Please pardon the image quality, as it was taken on S's phone under the flattering lights of a livestock barn.)

I'm pretty excited about it. This will go on the front of the kitchen, replacing the old front door and the two windows that are currently there. The two outer panels slide inward, so we'll be able to open them for fresh air. A lot of other large windows we looked at had fixed panes, so this was a nice score.

Slowly but surely we're checking things off the kitchen wish list. Speaking of the list, does anyone know where I can get a 6' slab of white carrara marble in the Maryland/PA/Virginia area for cheap? Exact sizing is negotiable because we'll be building a cabinet underneath it. Let me know if you have any ideas!


  1. Wow, that is an amazing deal for that window! We will need one in a similar size for our future kitchen remodel. Hopefully we'll find a deal like yours! Oh, and I think the board and batten will look great on the front, especially with a little porch! :-)

  2. How cheap are you wanting to go for the marble?

  3. Well hello Mr. Radle! How are you?

    I'm not quite sure of a price point yet -- I'm still researching the options. I'll hold out for the right thing if I must. It's not like we're on a strict deadline with this stinking house... ha ha. If you know of a good source, regardless of price, please share!

  4. Hey I'm doing good. How about yourself?

    The best place that I can think of is
    Kohlepps Stone Center in Dubois. We do a lot of work with them, but I'll admit they're not the cheapest.

    Another couple of places I can think of is
    Folcarelli's in State College and Classic Rock Fabrication in Mechanicsburg.

    I'm not positive if Classic Rock does marble though.

    Hope that helps.


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