Happy Birthiversary, S!

It's my favorite day of the year. It's the day that, 27 years ago, God brought my favorite person into the world. It's also the day that, four years ago, this favorite person of mine became my husband.

Last night we went out with some friends to celebrate over one of most amazing dinners of my entire life -- top five, easily -- at Petit Louis in Baltimore. (I had the duck leg confit on a bed of spaetzle, or what the waitress described as "little balls of dough sauteed in duck fat," which could also be described as a little bit of heaven in your mouth.)

We're keeping our party pants on for awhile longer, as we leave tomorrow night for a week's vacation in Cape Cod. The cannot-wait-ness is extreme.

I do have some house updates to blog about (hooray!), and odds are good that I'll actually have some time to devote to them next week. Stay tuned! Until then, HAPPY BIRTHIVERSARY, S! ♥


  1. have fun on the cape! my dad's parents and sisters live there...i love summers there, they're lovely. and happy anniversary! (our first is on saturday!)

  2. happy anniversary and birthday! have a wonderful time on vacation :-)

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  4. Happy Birthday and anniversary to you "S" and Emily Kate. Now get back to work on that house so's I'll have something to read! ;o)

  5. Happy birthday/anniversary! You look stunning in your wedding gown :)

  6. haha party pants!! good one


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