Rain, rain, go away

Powerful late summer thunderstorms have arrived in full fury the past two weeks, and they've brought tornado warnings, hail, power outages and fallen tree branches with them. We also have this delightful stuff:

Whenever we get lots of rain, our water turns brown for a few days. S comes from a long line of plumbers, and he says it's really nothing to worry about because the discoloration is mostly from minerals. (We do drink bottled water just to be safe, until we get a heavy duty filtration system.) S even touts the benefits of showering in it, as the minerals make your skin quite soft and luxe.

Baby soft skin or not, I still think brown water is pretty gross. I've slowly gotten more used to it in the past two years, but I'm reminded of its grossness whenever we have company who don't have to deal with such things -- or whenever the light hits my hair just right and showcases its chic brassy hue.

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