Deals and Steals: Bosch Wall Oven

Not bad for $500, eh?

We scored this Bosch wall oven at the Peak Auction the same day we got our kitchen window. I love a good surprise! The only major appliances we still need are a dishwasher and a range hood. Hopefully this trend will continue and we won't have to pay retail for those either.

I haven't baked anything in two years. Can't wait to put this to use!


  1. I have this oven! And by "I," I mean Yoori...

  2. Vero, sometimes in my mind I think of you as one and the same... or maybe more like connected like Siamese twins. (Or maybe Korean twins?)

    So, do you (and Yoori) like this oven? And why haven't we talked in ages? You called me, I called you, then nothing. SADNESS!


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