House Coat

Reluctant to leave our board and batten siding bare and vulnerable for another winter, I started priming it over the weekend using Duron's Maxwood Exterior Wood Primer. After about 3 hours the house went from looking like this:

...to looking like this:

I do recognize that it looks pretty wonky considering that it's only partially done, but would you really expect anything different around here? The ol' blog house is a haven of wonk. Hopefully we'll have nice weather over the next few weeks to finish it up. Unfortunately I am painting it with a roller and brush because our sprayer isn't cooperating. (It will go faster if you come to help!!! Hint hint.) I will sort of miss the bare wood look, though it wasn't practical and didn't match the logs.

Anyway, the Maxwood primer is more like a "coating" than a paint -- it goes on very easily and instead of soaking in, it sort of coats the wood for better waterproofing. Time will tell how well it protects, but so far I'm a fan. (And I'm not even getting paid to say that.)

Don't worry -- the house will not be white. We have two colors we're tossing back and forth for the final paint job. I will post samples soon. But there's no real hurry -- we don't intend to actually paint the house until next year, after the kitchen section is sided. One thing at a time!


  1. Wow! I'm totally impressed that you are doing it by hand. You are a diehard. It's going to look great. Can't wait to see the color you choose.

  2. I am assuming you have to get on a ladder to finish. I would die. Heights don't bother me, but ladders freak.me.out. :-) Anyway, I can see that it will look great!

  3. This must be the month for paint. Jane and I are painting the barn. Red of course. I do know what you mean about bare wood, I like it more than paint.
    Are you planning a porch?

  4. HA! "House Coat" I just got that. :o)

  5. Thanks Kim -- sometimes you have to be a diehard out of necessity!

    Jenny -- Not a fan of ladders either, at all. I actually did have to use a smallish ladder (the yellow one in the bottom picture) just to get has high as I did. We're going to have to break out an extension ladder to do the rest. Yipes.

    Mel -- Since this is the back door of the house, we're likely keeping it simple here. A patio is definitely in order at the very least, but we have no firm plans yet. Regardless of what we do, it won't be happening for quite awhile.

    Oh and I'm glad someone got my subtle (and lame!) little humor! ☺


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