One man's trash

Someday, many moons from now, our house will have a half bath on the first floor of the log section. Half baths are fun -- you can go a little crazy and get more creative because it's such a small space. We haven't solidified any plans yet since it's such a low priority room, but one thing I've known since the beginning is that I want it to have an industrial wall-mounted cast iron sink, like you'd see in an old school or workshop.

Because I have weird taste and an occasional streak of luck, would you believe that Second Chance (I blogged about it earlier this week) has racks of these sinks for like $35 each? Someday one of these will be mine, but it will be like selecting a puppy -- how will I choose?

I danced in the aisles when I saw the selection. People stared. I love that place. I want to build an entire house from the wonderful crap that those saints at Second Chance have rescued from the trash.


  1. Wow that's a lot more selection than our local ReStore. Have fun picking our a sink!

  2. Hey looked my comment worked!

  3. Emily Kate:

    I like that one in the far lower left. How about that "aqua" one? (Agua, is that the right color?)

  4. The bottom far left was one of my favorites too. I actually loved the character of the aqua one to be honest... it maybe would've worked in our Miami apartment but not so much our old country house in Maryland.

    One thing that will narrow down the choice is that I only want one faucet, not two. It can have two separate handles, but I hate when hot water comes out one spout and cold comes out another. My parents have a sink like that and I'm fond of complaining about it.

  5. I'm also a huge fan of the white one, bottom left. It kinda reminds me of a school locker room sink, in a good way.

  6. And, as a result of this post, I totally looked at the sinks at ReSTORE today. Not as good of selection, but a few gems.


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